A white giant in scarves

She spins

centuries pass

and blood is spilled.

She stands


like silver knives,

before you lose your head

she hums.

She spins

stands silent

She spins

Like a White giant in scarves.

One thought on “A white giant in scarves

  1. I want to write a Michigan country song. Something about being witness to the great storm of [place year here] that ripped through the straits of Mackinac. It would have to be a year after the 1950’s. It should be about being witness to the thirty two Buicks that got blown clear of the bridge’s road by high winds. There was one survivor. She is still alive… The story can be heard via recording at that museum place on Whitefish Point. To this day, one of the world’s top three scuba destination is the Buick’s Watery Grave Below the Bridge that Spans the Mackinac Straits.


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