“Hurry,” was what she said…in my dream and what I wish to hear every morning but I woke up and that’s not what she said, I don’t know what she said, and she’s been dead awhile. I’ve known a lot of people that are dead now, but she bothers me the most. I’ll be in a bar, we went to a lot of bars, and I’ll think I see her and think it’s her and inside I feel a chill, like a little tickle, and I’ll shrug my shoulders like she’s scratching my back and giggle and twist and more than once a bartender has cut me off, totally harmless, but drunk nonetheless and should’ve probably been home I have a cat to feed and he’s kind of needy.

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A Little Compassion

This was years ago. We were picking up a friend from the airport.

“My Mom was a nurse, so was my aunt. I never wanted to be anything else.”

It was late and we were both tired. We’d just met and told each other stories to stay awake and get to know each other.

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