We are a small, independent press located in the metro-Detroit area in southeastern lower Michigan. We publish literary fiction and poetry. We were founded in 2006. We published a yearly volume, an ink and paper, hard-copy edition called Eklipse. However, we entirely closed down shop in 2010, even shutting down the website. At the time, we all agreed that it was a permanent move. But in 2015, the enterprise was brought back to life, albeit in a much scaled-down version. We brought back only the most prolific writers of our former incarnation and began concentrating everything on just their work. We are currently working with one poet (Roskowski) and three short-story writers(Ackermann, Foster, & Francis). We electronically publish at least one title per quarter, though we usually manage to get about a half-dozen titles published per year.

Our writer’s work offers you a glimpse into the other side of things. In a world ruled by an Apollonian force—marked by our culture’s emphasis on the ego, law and order, science and technology, materialism and the marketplace, and hollow divinity through organized religion—our writers seek to explore and emphasize tales from the so-called “dark side.” In this world, ruled by a Dionysian force, intoxication and sexuality are not secretly enjoyed or otherwise avoided, as they are in our sexually repressed, pain-rewarded Apollonian world. Here, at Dionysian Press, these things are pursued, explored, enjoyed—sometimes with reckless abandon—and are celebrated. So come with us! Drink of Dionysus’s wine! Let us sing songs and dance! Let’s be merry and just let it all hang out!

We are not actively seeking new writers at this time. However, if you really feel that your work resonates with what we are doing here at Dionysian Press, then please feel free to contact us through this site to see about submitting your work.

One thought on “About

  1. Hello. I think I write grand stories. They are filled with words like, “shit” and “fuck”. I don’t know proper grammar; I often don’t put spacers in the right spot, e.g. commas, periods, and fuckin’ shit like that. I see there is only two authors currently. Fuck that shit. There ought to be three. I call dibs on being the Martin Short of the bunch. Please include me, at your earliest convenience. This will end my reply/CV.


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